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How a Business Adviser helps you achieve you execute your strategy

Financial modelling and costing

Make better decisions about your program, project or business costs with Excel financial models.

Tender Pricing Response Preparation

Take load off your internal teams, we develop the pricing response and pricing  models with the focus you need to win.

Capital Raising Assistance

Need  capital or debt financing.  Your virtual  CFO can help you figure out your needs and prepare for the raising.

Strategic advice

Having a well communicated and measured strategy can help you succeed. We help you put together your strategy, decide on measures that matter and execute your strategy.

Finance process improvement

Understand existing, modify existing or implement new processes improve your finance team with our experts.

Cloud Software Advisory

Like to move to the cloud, we can help you whether its GoogleApps, Xero, Expensify, Asana and more.

Business advisor & board member

Independent  advisers and board members on your team can help you see the business in another way and gain industry experience.

CFO Advisors

Your CFO needs a mentor/coach too. Our business advisers are experienced CFOs who provide an outside sounding board giving your CFO confidence and independent advice.



  • Australian Defence Industry
  • Aviation and Aerospace Industry
  • Maritime Industry
  • Information Technology Industry
  • Australian Government
  • Accounting Services Industry

assured by the commitment, intellect and ability to grasp and manage complex issues to deliver the desired outcomes.


Business Development Manager, Qantas


  • Helped multinational Defence service providers partner to develop a winning bid for Australian Navy fleet support and engineering.
  • Helped an Australian Engineering Services provider develop a winning bid to maintain a new Australian Navy Fleet.
  • Helped the former subsidiary of a well known Australian aviation brand secure a contract extension for an Australian Airforce fleet maintenance, engineering, logistics support and training program.
  • Developed a financial function for a small high growth information technology services provider, automating key tasks with Expensify, Xero, Fathom and more.
  • eveloped financial models of the acquisition of competitors and the sale of privately held shares.
  • Developed financial models for inclusion in a information memorandum for a significant capital raising.

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